Compiling uxn in 9front.

uxn 9front art

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Compiling uxn in 9front.

The trenches are filling up with liquid monochrome and the Techno-Mage sifts through the muck, looking for a three button mouse.

uxn in 9front

As part of the old computer challenge I'm using 9front and learning uxn. This is a very simple guide on how to get uxn running under 9front.

I have tested this on amd64 and 386 builds of 9front on the latest release 'Don't touch the Artwork' as well as the previous one.

% git/clone
% git/clone

% cd npe
% mk install

% cd ../uxn
% mk install

#Get uxn essential roms: 
% hget > uxn.tar.gz
% tar xzvf uxn.tar.gz

uxncli, uxnemu and uxnasm now reside in /bin/games. To run either do:

% games/uxnemu 


uxn will not work properly on resolutions with less than 32 bit depth. Here's a passage from 9front's FQA4 - Installation Guide, section, on changing screen resolution:

Note: Only valid modes listed in the VESA BIOS may be used.

 # obtain a list of vesa bios mode
% @{rfork n; aux/realemu; aux/vga -p}
 # configure one of the valid modes
% @{rfork n; aux/realemu; aux/vga -m vesa -l 1024x768x32
 # vga:
% aux/vga -m dellst2210 -l 1920x1080x32