automa basic


Here are no burried treasures.

What exactly _is_ automa? How much related is it to automobiles, Tomases, automats or magnets? Nobody seems to remember anymore.

The original automa was created as a blog project of the Czech author br and hosts articles and obscurities on various topics concerning computers and surrealism (not always related, Unixsurrealism fans), but its bilingual approach has proven impractical for its author and readers alike. But automa has also been from the days of its conception only a small part of the whole triapul portal, which today provides home to artists, hackers and librarians.

automa basic, as the name might suggest, is not in any way a degraded version of triapul's automa however, it promises to serve as a simple interface for English automa material.

Note that this is very much a work in progress and not necessarily safe for public consumption. Expect this /en portion of triapul to break, pages to go missing, and summon gremlins in your basement. You can read about the program which constructs this web space here:

the magic behind automa basic - andre, the plain text html language and content manager

In the meanwhile, take a stroll through triapul. You may not speak the language, but you will be distressed by the imagery imagery as if you did.


Je ne suis - you know how it goes.

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