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You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars.

I heard that song on an album some time ago. It's rather fun. Some might definitely look for deeper meanings and analogies - the truth is that the song was writtern by a sci-fi nerd who wanted to write a fanfic about his roleplaying character. The edgelord psyker.

Psykers are fantastic. They can make one's head blow up, both figuratively and literally. That's about it, but's all one could really need.

"We have strayed off G-d's path!"

While I can't really vouch for what the creator of our reality swore all this was about - some would tell you that _this_ book has the word for word account, while others will swear by _that_ book, citing passages of love and guidance and tolerance, while chopping off their enemies' heads. They are all equally true in their quest for belief. The power of indoctrination is great, but it is not inherently vile. Society itself is founded on the idea that a newborn man is to be violently ripped from the claws of Gaia and her unfit methods to raise another shit slinging monkey.

Whether one is a man of faith or a proponent of the cross or any other tool of extinguishing life, they will come to agree that removing a child from a womb and tossing it into the woods will not result in a regular member of the human society as we know it - if it somehow does manage to survive. I wish I knew what language a baby will speak if it is not spoken to during its infancy. Latin or Arabic? Probably Greek.


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